Children Education

During Sunday worship the children are dismissed for their own church services tailored to their age level. Children 3 years of age up to 2nd grade are taught by Mrs. Suzy Bailey and assisted by Ms. Theresa Clark. In their class they hear Bible stories. Interaction is encouraged through simple crafts and play.
Children in grades 3 thru 5 are dismissed for Kid’s church. Kid’s church is led by Mrs. Laura Hill who has worked for many years in the children’s ministry. The children in Kid’s church are introduced to basic Christian doctrine as well as learning some functions of the church. We try to foster a feeling of belonging to the church and of taking responsibility to be a working part of it. Kid’s church keeps records of attendance and of their own tithes, from which they portion 10% for the church and the remainder they decide to what charities to give their support. Active involvement is the goal.